Boudoir is about feeling beautiful, not flaunting everything you’ve got.

2 December 2014


There are a million boudoir “faux-tographers” out there that will absolutely take nude photos of you, or even photos of you in sexy lingerie. Lots will even do it for free to “build their portfolio”. Will you feel beautiful? Sexy? Sensual? Most likely the answer is no. Most likely, you will feel creeped out and super uncomfortable. Boudoir does not have to be raunchy or even provocative. Its beautiful, its meaningful, its feminine and classy, its fabulous. And you deserve it. If you don’t believe me, take it from Coco Chanel.

When I started taking photos, I did everything and anything.  Mostly because I needed to make ends meet (and justify my new “career” to my husband) but a lot of it also had to do with the fact that I literally had no clue what fascinated me, or what I enjoyed.  Now that I’ve figured a few things out (and convinced my husband this is where its at), I know I love (&hate) a few things:

– I LOVE taking photos that feel natural, beautiful and emotional

– I HATE when things dont go my way, or when I think something is going to look ridiculous but I do it anyway (because its my job, right!?)

– there is nothing more rewarding then helping a woman feel confident and beautiful.  I’ve had 2 kids and I’m still struggling with belly woes so maybe I’m trying to find solace by making other women feel gorgeous!


Unfortunately, boudoir gets such a bad rap and a lot of really beautiful women wont even consider it.  I SO wish this wasnt the case.

In a recent article in the Huffington Post,   writes:

“In an age of iPhoneography and Instagram, where every detail of reality is infinitely shared, I can certainly see the draw of these intimate fantasy worlds. We are losing our own fairy tales. I think this new emerging niche of fine art boudoir artists (I said artists not photographers), do return us to an old tradition of art patronage. Those who once commissioned personal art to honor and celebrate a female, were pure aristocracy. In today’s world, boudoir makes this idea accessible to the everyday woman. ”


Its my goal to turn people away from the stereotypes of  “common boudoir” and put forth the beauty of the human body, and female confidence.