a Bridal Boudoir Session at The Cottage House, Lord Thompson Manor | Saratoga NY Boudoir Photographer

Cottage House Boudoir Session by Makayla Jade Sartaoga Springs NY Boudoir Photographer

One of the most beautiful parts about getting married at Lord Thompson Manor is getting ready at the Cottage House, it is gorgeous.  Decorated completely in shades of white, the fresh beachy vibe is something every bride falls in love with.  So why not do a bridal boudoir session in this lovely space?!  We did!!

Edgy Studio Boudoir Shoot | Saratoga Boudoir Photographer


It’s no secret I love working with Bethany, she’s pure gold in front of the camera.    She never stops moving, working every angle, making beautiful, impossible to narrow it down.  I worked on this shoot with a really talented group, and I’m just loving the results.   Cassondra Schauble of Changes Salon (hair) and Julie Occhino […]

High-Fashion Boudoir Photography, Upstate and Western NY

western ny and central ny and albany ny boudoir photographer

Thats right, I said it.  Big News.  We are WESTWARD BOUND.   With shooting locations in Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Boston, we can now service all of western, central and the capital district of New York, as well as the Greater Boston area. Why?  Its simple.  There are very few boudoir / glamour photographers that […]

Boudoir is about feeling beautiful, not flaunting everything you’ve got.


There are a million boudoir “faux-tographers” out there that will absolutely take nude photos of you, or even photos of you in sexy lingerie. Lots will even do it for free to “build their portfolio”. Will you feel beautiful? Sexy? Sensual? Most likely the answer is no. Most likely, you will feel creeped out and […]

customize your boudoir session to fit your style


Sure, most guys will go all googly-eyed if you show them a bunch of pictures of you in corsets, garters or lace.  Its pretty much a given which is why I assume 90% of women that have done a boudoir session, bring all the above items in 7 different colors.  You could have an entire […]