customize your boudoir session to fit your style

1 December 2014


Sure, most guys will go all googly-eyed if you show them a bunch of pictures of you in corsets, garters or lace.  Its pretty much a given which is why I assume 90% of women that have done a boudoir session, bring all the above items in 7 different colors.  You could have an entire lingerie closet with you but if the outfits dont fit your personality, you wont feel comfortable and while your other half might love them, we’re aiming to knock it out of the park.   Customize your session by adding a few interesting elements that give your images a little more personality.

Like to read?


images courtesy of Pinterest.

Bring a book, or some glasses!  This could be sexy, cute, or just natural.




images courtesy of Pinterest.

This women are barely even showing skin, yet these are so sexy and sensual.  Love it.


Then of course, there’s the sports theme.  Naturally, everyone women wants to incorporate their husbands favorite sports team because other than her, its basically the only other thing he cares about in life.  Rather than trying to make that huge bulky jersey look sexy, go with something a little more subtle, fitted, and natural.  Something like this looks cute and way less cheesy.



Still not sure how to add a little more personality to your session?  I’m happy to help customize things with you, lets start planning!