Edgy Studio Boudoir Shoot | Saratoga Boudoir Photographer

8 February 2016


It’s no secret I love working with Bethany, she’s pure gold in front of the camera.    She never stops moving, working every angle, making every.single.photo. beautiful, impossible to narrow it down.  I worked on this shoot with a really talented group, and I’m just loving the results.   Cassondra Schauble of Changes Salon (hair) and Julie Occhino of Beauty with Julie (makeup) killed it with both looks.  We kept the wardrobe simple (or bare), and I’m so so happy with everything.

010516-121807-Bethany 010516-121940-Bethany 010516-122344-Bethany 010516-122358-Bethany 010516-122554-Bethany 010516-122706-Bethany 010516-122636-Bethany-2 010516-122746-Bethany 010516-122755-Bethany 010516-122756-Bethany 010516-132322-Bethany 010516-132404-Bethany 010516-133923-Bethany 010516-134201-Bethany 010516-134312-Bethany 010516-135119-Bethany 010516-140154-Bethany 010516-140112-Bethany 010516-143228-Bethany 010516-143836-Bethany 010516-145538-Bethany 010516-145531-Bethany-2 010516-144738-Bethany 010516-144506-Bethany